PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness

Welcome to PPP Forgiveness! 

We are excited to help you with the next step of your PPP journey.  There have been numerous changes since this program started in 2020.  One of the latest changes as of August 4th is a SBA Direct Forgiveness Portal.  For loans $150,000 or less we recommend using the SBA Direct Forgiveness Portal.


User Guide

If you would like to apply through First National Bank North (or your loan amount is above $150,000) please email ppp@fnbnorth.com and request your forgiveness application and list of required supporting documents. Once you return all the required documentation, our First National Bank North PPP team will review your application prior to submission to the SBA.

You must have completed a Covered Period of at least 8 weeks (not to exceed 24 weeks) to submit your forgiveness application.

We encourage you to check the Treasury’s website for updated information and guidance (click here), read the relevant CARES Act sections (click here), and consult with your CPA and/or attorney for professional advice. Borrowers are solely responsible for assessing their eligibility for PPP financing and their use of PPP funds and should not rely on First National Bank North and its own interpretation of the Act.