CardControl for your Debit MasterCard®

First National Bank is giving you more control over your Debit MasterCard than ever before. Now, with our CardControl app, you can easily turn your card on or off as needed, set spending limits, control where your card is used and at what kind of merchants.

When you use CardControl, you receive notifications when your card has been used. Details appear in the app just like a receipt so you can see when the transaction took place and when it gets applied to your account. If a transaction looks suspicious, you can instantly lock your card to ensure no further fraud can happen.

Plus, CardControl adds even more security to your First National Bank Debit MasterCard. By setting location and transaction limits, you can ensure you're the only one using your card and be alerted if someone tries to use your card without your knowledge.

Download our new First National Bank CardControl app, today by searching for CardValet in your Associated App Store. Set up a password. Enter your First National Bank Debit MasterCard information. And, start managing your card usage everyday right from your smartphone.

Turn your Card OFF or ON

Have you ever misplaced your debit card and worried that someone else is using it? With CardControl, you can simply use your smartphone to turn that card off until you can find it, or until you have a new card issued to you by First National Bank.

Set Spending Limits

Set a limit on how much can be charged on your card per transaction. It's a great way to maintain a budget, mitigate fraudulent charges, or control spending on other cards you manage in your household (like the debit cards you reluctantly gave to your kids...).

Set Locations

Using Location Controls, you can set the country or region where you want to be able to use your card. Or set the controls to only allow your card to be used in the presence of your phone with the app. This ensures your card is used only where and when you want.

Set Merchants

Using Merchant Controls, you can set the types of places you would like to use your card. Choose from department stores, gas stations, restaurants, and more. You can use these controls to help manage other cards in your household, as well.

Set Transaction Types

Transaction Controls allow you to determine the types of transactions allowed on your card. You can easily turn on or off your card's ability to be used for online purchases or taking money out at an ATM. By managing transaction types, you can better control how your card is used every day.