Cash Management (eCorp)

The First National Bank is dedicated to providing the best service possible to its customers.  As a business owner, we understand that you depend on fast and convenient service to conduct your finances in a profitable manner.  With First National Bank's eCorp product, you can enjoy all of the services provided by Internet Banking, along with much more.  This allows you to restrict the accounts to which authorized users have access. 

If you would like to sign up for eCorp or just get more information, please contact the First National Bank to set up a time that we can meet with you.

  • You will have the capability to originate ACH transactions
  • collect payments from your customers,
  • Transfer funds between financial institutions
  • Automatically deposit your employee’s payroll into their accounts and
  • Make payments to your suppliers or vendors
  • You will also be able to establish multiple levels of security. 
  • All of these capabilities for $25.00 a month!